A self-paced online programme, taught by Bhavin Patel (BA, LlB (Hons), NLSIU) and Jonathan Walton (BA, MA Oxon), specially designed for lawyers and law students.

In this programme, you will learn:

  • How information technology works, using legal reasoning methods you're already familiar with
  • Computational thinking
  • Web development languages like CSS, JS, and HTML
  • How to use Google Script to develop your own applications

Upon completing the programme, you will be able to:

  • Take better tech decisions
  • Advise your tech industry clients better
  • Spot legal and technological issues and how they intersect

Oh and did we say this programme is especially for lawyers and law students? If you have little or no familiarity with how coding works, don't worry - our expert faculty will help you build on the skills you already have as a lawyer to enter this brave new world!

Bhavin Patel and Jonathan Walton, teachers. Lawyers Learn Technology logo.

How the Programme Works

  • Self-Paced

    Sign up and study at your own pace - while we recommend you go through the programme over six weeks, you can take up to a year to finish all the modules in the programme!

  • No Prior Coding Knowledge Required!

    The Lawyers Learn Technology programme assumes you have no prior knowledge of computer programming - so don't worry if you don't know a thing about coding - that's exactly what you'll learn here!

  • Earn a Lawyers Learn Certificate!

    Complete programme requirements and earn a Lawyers Learn certificate that you can use on your professional profile. Get noticed and move ahead in the world of law and technology!


Bhavin Patel

Bhavin (BA, LlB (Hons), NLSIU, Bangalore) has two decades’ experience across the legal, technology, and education sectors. He has been part of the founding team of start-ups that provided services to the legal industry (LST, Rainmaker, Bayside Tech) and is now focusing on Lawyers Learn.

He was part of the team that conceptualised, designed, and delivered India’s first All India Bar Examination, and has worked in the field of test design and delivery as a consultant with NLSIU and the Consortium of National Law Universities. Bhavin has experience teaching at the pre-law, law, and post-qualification stages, primarily in the areas of legal reasoning, writing, and research, law and technology, as well as introductory courses on various legal systems of the world. He is Visiting Faculty at NLSIU, and has delivered guest lectures at several other law schools.

Programmes Taught: All

Jonathan Walton

Jonathan (BA, MA Oxon) is an educator, technologist and linguist with twenty-two years’ experience across media, broadcasting, and e-learning. As an online private tutor at college level, he specialises in teaching study skills and innovative methods for organising and retaining information.

His methods are outcome-oriented, student-centred and focussed on practical application. As founder and CEO of Tonguesten, his start-up pioneered the use of computational linguistics to create individualised learning materials out of YouTube content. He is part of the core operational team at X- System (University of Edinburgh), who use machine learning to model the innate neurophysiological response to music.

Programme Taught: Lawyers Learn Technology

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