Bhavin Patel

Bhavin (BA, LlB (Hons), NLSIU, Bangalore) has two decades’ experience across the legal, technology, and education sectors. He has been part of the founding team of start-ups that provided services to the legal industry (LST, Rainmaker, Bayside Tech) and is now focusing on Lawyers Learn.

He was part of the team that conceptualised, designed, and delivered India’s first All India Bar Examination, and has worked in the field of test design and delivery as a consultant with NLSIU and the Consortium of National Law Universities. Bhavin has experience teaching at the pre-law, law, and post-qualification stages, primarily in the areas of legal reasoning, writing, and research, law and technology, as well as introductory courses on various legal systems of the world. He is Visiting Faculty at NLSIU, and has delivered guest lectures at several other law schools.

Programmes Taught: All

Balanand Menon

Bala started and now heads Vahura's Consulting team, where he works closely with corporate legal departments of enterprises and growth organisations advising them on legal tech consulting, legal operations and market intelligence. An experienced management consultant, Balanand comes with rich experience in using data and research insights to solve complex problems in the legal sector.

Programme Taught: Legal Tech Application Programme

Ishika Saxena

Ishika Saxena is an Academic Fellow at NLSIU, Bengaluru, teaching Political Science. She graduated with distinction in MA Postcolonial Studies from SOAS, University of London, being awarded the ‘Special Language Scholarship’. She finished her undergraduate studies in Liberal Arts with a major in Political Science and Public Policy, and minors in English Literature, Philosophy, and Psychology. Ishika’s academic interests relate to political thought and theory, critical theory, literature and aesthetics, philosophy, and ethics.

Having presented papers and been published a few times, some of her noteworthy works include, ‘Ethical Decision Making: Problematizing the human and ethics, in the Context of Self-Driving Cars’ (book; ‘Life Choices: Multidisciplinary essays on existentialism and ethics’, 2020), and ‘Replication of Emotion in Humanoid Robots through Classical Conditioning’ (presentation; OP Jindal Undergraduate Research Conference, 2017).

Programme Taught: AI For Justice

Jonathan Walton

Jonathan (BA, MA Oxon) is an educator, technologist and linguist with twenty-two years’ experience across media, broadcasting, and e-learning. As an online private tutor at college level, he specialises in teaching study skills and innovative methods for organising and retaining information.

His methods are outcome-oriented, student-centred and focussed on practical application. As founder and CEO of Tonguesten, his start-up pioneered the use of computational linguistics to create individualised learning materials out of YouTube content. He is part of the core operational team at X- System (University of Edinburgh), who use machine learning to model the innate neurophysiological response to music.

Programme Taught: Lawyers Learn Technology

Prajoy Dutta

Prajoy is a member of Vahura's Consulting team, where he works with leadership teams in law firms and investment funds, on a wide range of strategic and operational efficiency engagements, including legal-tech strategy, transforming legal service delivery & operating models and compensation & benefits restructuring.

Programme Taught: Legal Tech Application Programme

Ritvik Lukose

Ritvik is the Co-Founder and CEO of Vahura, where he leads growth and strategy initiatives across all verticals. He was also one of the co-founders of Rainmaker, a pioneer in the space of training and education services for the legal domain. Rainmaker designed and ran the All India Bar Exam, India’s first ever nation-wide bar exam for lawyers. Ritvik regularly mentors changemakers and entrepreneurs, as part of Agami's No Changemaker Left Behind initiative.

Programme Taught: Legal Tech Application Programme

Saurabh Karn

Saurabh is an engineer, educator, policy practitioner. He is passionate about creative use of data and digital technologies to solve complex societal problems. Outside of work, you will find him reading graphic novels, listening to music and grooving on Indian rap songs. Before Agami, he worked with Central Square Foundation in their Policy and Advocacy practice, with Teach For India as a fellow and Sony as an Engineer.

Programme Taught: AI For Justice

Zarah Eapen

Zarah is a senior member of Vahura's Consulting team, where she focuses on legal tech consulting for corporate legal departments, as well as leveraging Research and Data Analytics to develop market intelligence reports and assess trends in the legal landscape. Zarah also specialises in working on comprehensive legal team structures through focused market research, in addition to various change management, and strategy development initiatives.

Programme Taught: Legal Tech Application Programme